"By meditating on the entire form of the universe and the course of its development through time and space, gradually dissolve the gross into the subtle and the subtle into the state of being beyond, until the mind is finally dissolved into pure consciousness.
By this method one should meditate on all the sides or aspects of the universe upto the shiva tattwa which is the quintessence of all. In this way the experience of the supreme reality arises.
O great Goddess, one should concentrate on this universe as nothing but void. Dissolving the mind also like this, one then experiences the state of laya, or total dissolution.
One should fix his sight on the empty space inside the pot, leaving aside the enclosing structure. Thus, the pot being gone, the mindwill at once be dissolved into the space. Through that laya the mind becomes completely absorbed in the void.
One should fix his gaze on a treeless place, like bare mountains or rocks, where there is no support for the mind to dwell on. Then the modifications of the mind become less and the experience of dissolution takes place."