"By gazing on the space that appears variegated by the rays of the sun or an oil lamp, there the nature of one\u2019s essential self is illumined.
At the time of intuitive perception (the attitudes of) karankini, krodhana, bhairavi, lelihanaya and khechari are revealed, whereby the supreme attainment manifests.
Seated on a soft seat, by means of one buttock, with the hands and legs relaxed, at this time the mind becomes full of transcendence.
Sitting in a correct posture and curving the arms and hands into a circle, fix the gaze inside this space. The mind becomes peaceful by this laya.
One should steady the gaze (without blinking) on the gross form of any object. When the mind is transfixed and made supportless (without any other thought or feeling), it at once acquires the state of shiva (transcendence)."