"Knowing a bit about duality, the outer light and darkness in the manifest world and so on, one who again experiences the infinite form of Bhairava procures illumination.
Like this, one should ever contemplate on the terrible darkness of night during the dark fortnight of the moon, if he desires to attain the form of bhairava.
Similarly, while closing the eyes, one should contemplate on the profound darkness spreading in front as the form of bhairava. Thus he becomes one with that.
Whoever restrains even the same sense organ enters the one void without a second by this obstruction and there the atma, or self, is illumined.
O Devi, by recitation of akaara, the letter \u2018A\u2019, in the absence of bindu and visarga, a great torrent of knowledge of the supreme Lord, Parameshvara, at once arises."