"When the mind is joined with the visarga, at the end of the visarga it is made supportless. In this way the mind is touched by the eternal Brahma, or the supreme consciousness.
When one meditates on one\u2019s own self in the form of unlimited space (in all) directions, the mind is suspended and shakti in the form of consciousness is revealed as the form of one\u2019s own self.
At first one should pierce any limb of the body a little bit with a sharp, pointed needle or any other instrument. Then projecting the consciousness there, verily there is movement towards the pure nature of bhairaya.
By contemplating thus, the antahkarana, or inner instrument of mind, and so on is non-existent within me, then, in the absence of vikalpas (thought constructs), one becomes free from the vikalpas.
Maya is the delusive principle residing (in manifest existence), causing name and limited activity. Considering thus the nature or functions of the various elements, one (realizes that he) is not separate (from the supreme reality)."