"Observing the desires, which spring up in a flash, put an end to them. Then verily (the mind) will be absorbed in the very source from which they have arisen.
One should contemplate thus: when my desires do not produce knowledge, then what am I? Indeed being absorbed in the essence I am, and identifying with that, one becomes that.
When desire or knowledge arises, one should fix the mind there, thinking that to be the very self. Making the mind absolutely one-pointed (in this way), he realizes the essence of the tattwas.
O dear one, compared to absolute knowledge, all relative knowledge is without cause, and thus becomes baseless and deceptive. In reality, knowledge does not belong to any one person. Contemplating like this, one becomes Shiva.
Bhairava is of the nature of undifferentiated consciousness in all embodied forms. Therefore, those persons who contemplate on all creation pervaded by that consciousness, transcend relative existence."