"When lust, anger, greed, delusion, arrogance and jealousy are seen (within), having fixed the mind completely (on these), the underlying tattwa, or essence, alone remains.
Meditating on the manifest world as imagined or illusive, like a magic show or a painting, and seeing all existence as transient, happiness arises.
O Goddess,the mind should not dwell on pain or pleasure, but the essence that remains in the middle (in between the opposites) should be known.
Abandoning consideration for one\u2019s own body, one should contemplate with a firm mind that, I am everywhere. When this is seen (by means of concentrated insight) one does not see another and thus becomes happy.
Contemplating on that special knowledge, for example, the analogy of the jar, or that the desires, etc. exist not only within me but everywhere, one thus becomes all-pervasive."