"The subject-object consciousness is common to everybody. Yogis, however, are especially alert regarding this relationship.
Contemplate on consciousness, such as one\u2019s own and even in another's body as well. Thus abandoning all physical expectation, one becomes all-pervasive in the course of time.
O gazelle-eyed one, having freed the mind of all supports, one should refrain from all the vikalpas (thoughts/counter-thoughts). Then, the self becomes one with the SupremeSelf in the state of bhairava.
The supreme Lord, who is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent, verily, I am He and I have the same shiva-nature. Contemplating thus with firm conviction, one becomes Shiva.
Just as waves arise from water, flames from fire and light rays from the sun, similarly the waves of bhairava, which produce the different emanations of the universe, are verily my source."