"When the intellect becomes steady, formless and without any support, meditation is verified. Imagination of the form of the divine with a body, eyes, mouth, hands, etc. is not meditation.
Offering of flowers, etc. is not pooja or worship. But making one's mind steady in mahakasha, the great void and in nirvikalpa (the thoughtness) is worship indeed. From such reverence, dissolution of mind takes place.
By being established in any one of the practices (described) here, whatever (experience) is produced, develops day by day until the state of absolute fullness or satisfaction is attained.
The real oblation is (made) when the elements and sense perceptions along with the mind are poured as oblation into the fire of the great void (i.e. bhairava or supreme consciousness) using the consciousness as a ladle.
O supreme Goddess, Parvati, here the sacrifice characterized by bliss and satisfaction becomes the saviour of all by the destruction of all sins."