"This japa of the Devi which was previously indicated, (being repeated) twenty-one thousand six hundred times during the day and night, is easily available and difficult only for the ignorant.
O Goddess, this most excellent teaching, which is said to lead to the immortal state, should verily not be revealed to anybody.
These teachings should not bedisclosed to other disciples, to those who are evil and cruel, or to those who have not surrendered to the feet of the guru. They should only be revealed to advanced souls, who are self-controlled and whose minds are free of vikalpas.
Those devotees of the guru who are without the slightest doubt or hesitation, O gazelle-eyed one, having renounced son, wife, relatives, home, village, kingdom and country, should be accepted for initiation.
The worldly possessions are all temporary, O Goddess, but this supreme wealth is everlasting."