"Just as space, direction and form are revealed by the flame of a candle or the rays of the sun, similarly Shiva is revealed by the medium of Shakti, O dear one.
Sri Devi said: O Lord of the Gods, who bears the trident and skulls as ornaments, tell me of that state which is devoid of time, space and direction and free from any characteristics.
By what means can that state of fullness of Bhairava be achieved, and how does Paradevi, the highest Shakti, become the face or entrance of Bhairava? Tell me this, O Bhairava, in the manner whereby I shall know it completely.
Sri Bhairava said: Paradevi, whose nature is visarga, or creation, manifests as the upward prana andthe downward apana. By fixing the mind at the two points of generation of prana and apana, the state of fullness results.
When the ingoing pranic air and outgoing pranic air are both restrained in their space from their respective points of return, the essence of bhairava, which is not different from bhairavi, manifests."