"Then, having filled the tip of moordha and crossed the bridge between the eyebrows, the mind rises above all dichotomizing thought patterns and omnipresence prevails.
Like the five different coloured circles on the peacock\u2019s feathers, one should meditate on the five voids. Then by following them to the end, which becomes the principle void, enter the heart.
In this way, wherever there is mindful awareness, either on the void, or on another object such as a wall, or on an excellent person such as guru, gradually the boon of absorption in to the self is granted.
Having closed the eyes, and fixing the attention at the crown of the head, gradually stabilize the mind and direct it towards the goal, which will become discernible.
One should meditate on the inner space of the medial nadi sushumna situated in the central axis of the body the spinal column, which is as slender as a fibre of the lotus stem, and then by the grace of Devi, the divine form is revealed."