"The question arises, can one actually experience something which is not experienceable?

We use the word 'experience' so easily - 'realise', 'experience', 'attain', 'self-realisation', all these things - can one actually experience the feeling of supreme ecstasy?

Let's take that for the moment, that word.

Can one experience it?

Can one experience the infinite?

This is really quite a fundamental question, not only here but in life.

We can experience something which we have already known.

I experience meeting you.

That's an experience, meeting you, or you meeting me, or my meeting X.

And when I meet you next time I recognise you, don't I?

So there is in experience the factor of recognition.

What takes place in that first meeting of two people?

An impression of like or dislike, saying, 'He's a very intelligent man', or 'He's a stupid man', or 'He should be this or that'.

It is all based on my background of judgement, on my judgement, on my values, on my prejudice, like and dislike, on my bias, on my conditioning, the background.

That background meets you and judges you.

The judgement, the evaluation, is what we call experience."