"How do I know the highest?

Because the sages have said it?

I don't accept the sages.

They might be caught in illusion, they might be talking nonsense or sense.

I don't know, I am not interested.

I find that as long as the mind is in a state of fear, it wants to escape from it, and projects an idea of the supreme, and wants to experience that.

But if it frees itself from its own agony, then it is altogether in a different state.

It doesn't even ask to experience because it is at quite a different level.

Why do the sages say, 'You must experience that, you must be that, you must realise that'?

Why should they say all these things?

Would it not be better to say, 'Look here, my friends, get rid of your fear.

Get rid of your beastly antagonism, get rid of your childishness, and when you have done that...'.

Nothing more.

You'll find out the beauty.

You don't have to ask, then."