"The more we are meditatively aware during the so-called waking hours, the less there are dreams, and less is the anxious fear of their interpretation;

for if there is self awareness during waking hours, the different layers of consciousness are being uncovered and understood and in sleep there is the continuation of awareness.

Meditation is not for a set period only but is to be continued during the waking hours and hours of sleep as well.

In sleep, because of right meditative awareness during waking hours, thought can penetrate depths that have great significance.

Even in sleep meditation continues.

Meditation is not a practice;

it is not the cultivation of habit;

meditation is heightened awareness.

Mere practice dulls the mind-heart for habit denotes thoughtlessness and causes insensitivity.

Right meditation is a liberative process, a creative self-discovery which frees thought-feeling from bondage.

In freedom alone is there the real."