"See how your life has become what it is - the misery, the sorrow, the everlasting struggle from the moment you are born to the moment you die, the pain, the ache, the anxiety, the fear, the guilt, the innumerable aches that one has, the boredom, the responsibilities, the duties in which there is no love, no affection;

there is nothing left.

That is your life, and you are not going to alter it because I am talking.

But you will alter it without your knowing it if you listen to something which is factual, which is true, which is not propaganda, which is not trying to force you to do something or to think in one way or another.

If you are aware of the very factual existence of your life - the pain, the misery, the shallowness of it all - from that awareness of the fact, there comes the mutation, without effort.

All that is all we are concerned with, just to see the facts.

And with what clarity you see the fact is important - not what you are going to do about the fact.

You cannot do anything about the fact because your life is much too limited;

you are conditioned.

Your family and your society are too monstrous;

they won't let you.

Only a few can break through, unfortunately.

But if you are merely listening, if you are merely seeing the fact - what it is actually, how miserable, how boring, how shallow all of it is - that very observation of the fact is enough.

It will do something to you if you don't oppose it, if you don't say, ''I can't do anything about it, and therefore I will run away from it.'' Look at it every day of your life, be aware of it first.

And then, out of that awareness, there comes an action without effort, and therefore that action is never envious, never acquisitive."