"Your mind is driven by ambition, by success, and wants to reach God - that is also ambition.

If you are no longer acquisitive, either in worldly things or inwardly - which means no longer acquiring, demanding more and more experience, more and more sensations, more and more feelings, more and more visions - then there is no place for thought.

Then from that you will find the brain becomes extraordinarily quiet.

The brain so far has been used for these purposes, and when these purposes are gone into, examined rationally, sanely, healthily, and understood, the brain is out of all that.

Then that brain becomes extraordinarily quiet naturally - not because it wants to get somewhere, not because it has not understood the monstrous discontent, failure, and despair.

It has understood all these, and therefore the brain becomes highly sensitive, very alert, but very quiet.

Again, that is the basis for meditation."