"Now, a quiet brain can watch without distortion.

Because it has understood thought and feeling, it is no longer seeking experience.

And therefore such a brain observes without distortion.

Because it is not concerned with any experience, it is like watching the fact, the bacilli, through a microscope.

You can only watch that way if you have laid the foundation, and if you have gone into yourself very, very deeply.

No books, no guru, no teacher, no savior can lead you further - they can only tell you, 'Do this, don't do that, don't be ambitious, or be ambitious.' When you yourself have laid the foundation, you become aware of this brain which is absolutely quiet and yet highly sensitive.

Then that brain can watch what is actually going on;

then it is not concerned with experience, not concerned with how to translate what it sees into words and therefore communicate it to another;

it is merely watching.

When you have gone that far, you will see that there is a movement.

which is out of time."