"A mind, a brain, that is completely quiet without any reaction - which is an extremely difficult thing to do - is only an instrument of observation and therefore is extraordinarily alive and sensitive.

Now all that, from the beginning of what we have been talking about until now, is meditation.

When you have gone so far in meditation, you will find for yourself that there is a movement, an action, out of time, a state which is immeasurable - and that you may call God;

it has no meaning at all.

That state is creation - not the writing of a poem, nor the painting of a picture, nor putting a vision in marble;

they are not creation, they are all mere expressions.

There is creation which is beyond time.

Until we know that - know in the sense not as knowledge - until there is a tremendous awareness of that state, our actions in daily life will have very little meaning.

You may be very rich, you may be very prosperous, you may have a very good family, you may have all the things of the world, or you may be hankering after the things of the world.

But if you have not understood that thing, life becomes empty, shallow."