"The religions of the world have completely lost their meaning.

All the intellectuals in the world shun them, run away from them, so that when one uses the words the `religious mind', which the speaker does very often, they ask: `Why do you use that word religious?' Etymologically the root meaning of that word is not very clear.

It originally meant a state of being bound to that which is noble, to that which is great;

and for that one had to live a very diligent, scrupulous, honest life.

But all that is gone;

we have lost our integrity.

So, if you discard what all the present religious traditions, with their images and their symbols, have become, then what is religion?

To find out what a religious mind is one must find out what truth is;

truth has no path to it.

There is no path.

When one has compassion, with its intelligence, one will come upon that which is eternally true.

But there is no direction;

there is no captain to direct one in this ocean of life.

As a human being, one has to discover this.

One cannot belong to any cult, to any group whatever if one is to come upon truth.

The religious mind does not belong to any organization, to any group, to any sect;

it has the quality of a global mind."