"Death is part of life.

Can one live with death and understand the meaning of ending?

That is to understand the meaning of negation;

ending one's attachments, ending one's beliefs, by negating.

When one negates, ends, there is something totally new.

So, while living, can one negate attachment completely?

That is living with death.

Death means the ending.

That way there is incarnation, there is something new taking place.

Ending is extraordinarily important in life to understand the depth and the beauty of negating something which is not truth.

Death is an ending and has extraordinary importance in life.

Not suicide, not euthanasia, but the ending of one's attachments, one's pride, one's antagonism, or hatred, for another.

When one looks holistically at life, then the dying, the living, the agony, the despair, the loneliness and the suffering, they are all one movement."