"Tranquillity of the mind is not a result;

it is not something put together which can be undone again.

It is not the result of the mind seeking an escape from ideation.

It comes into being only when the mind is no longer manufacturing or projecting.

And that can only happen when you understand the process of thinking, your own reactions and responses to everything - not only the conscious, but the unconscious as well - the hidden responses, the motives, the urges that are concealed.

And this does not demand time.

Time exists only when you want to achieve a result, when you say, I must have tranquillity within a couple of years, or tomorrow.

Then come all the spiritual exercises in order to achieve a result.

Such a mind is a stagnant mind;

it can have no experience of what is real;

it is only seeking a result, a reward.

And how can such a mind experience something which is immeasurable, which cannot be grasped by any word?

The mind is only still when it sees the truth of that immediately.

And the urgency is what is necessary."