"You see most of us have not been able to solve our problems.

We don't know how to solve them.

And therefore we live with them, and they become our habit, they become like an armour through which you cannot penetrate.

And when you have a problem which has not been resolved then you have no energy, the energy that you have is taken up by the problem.

And so you have no energy.

And having no energy you fall into the habit of it.

So you have to find out, if you are at all serious, if you really want to live a life in which there is no conflict whatsoever, you have to find out how to end a problem instantly, immediately - a human problem.

Which means give complete attention to that problem, that is, not seek an answer to the problem - please follow this - not seek an answer to the problem because if you are seeking an answer then you are going beyond the problem, whereas if you remain with the problem completely attentively, then in the problem itself is the answer, not outside the problem."