"We all know what suffering is, both physically and psychologically, inwardly.

Physically the pain, one can deal with that by various remedies and not allowing the memory of that pain to remain.

If you are aware of that pain, and in that very awareness you will see the memory of the past pain disappears.

And therefore you have energy to meet the next pain.

When we suffer, instinctively we want to run away from it - church, amusement, god, football, you know, anything to get away from it, read books and all that.

Now if the mind is attentive, and does not move away from suffering at all, then you will see out of that complete attention there is not only energy, which means passion, but also the ending of suffering.

In the same way all images can come to an end instantly when there is no preference for any image.

This is very important: when there is no preference for any image.

Because you have no preference you have no prejudice, then you are attentive, then you look.

In that observation there is not only the understanding of building up images but also ending all images."