"Observation is totally free of analysis.

Is it possible just to observe without any conclusion, any direction, any motive - just pure, clear looking?

Obviously, it is possible when you look at these lovely trees;

it is very simple.

But to look at the operation of the whole movement of existence, to observe it without any distortion, is entirely different from analysis.

In that observation the whole process of analysis has no place.

You go beyond it.

That is, I can look at that tree without any distortion because I am looking optically.

Now, can I look at, is there any observation of the whole activity of fear without trying to find the cause, or asking how to end it, or trying to suppress it, or running away from it?

Is it possible just to look and stay with it, stay with the whole movement of fear?

I mean by staying with it, to observe without any movement of thought entering into my observation.

Then I say, with that observation comes attention.

That observation is total attention.

It is not concentration;

it is attention.

It is like focusing a bright light on an object, and in the focusing of that energy which is light on that movement, fear ends.

Analysis will never end fear;

you can test it out.

That is, is my mind capable of such attention, which is to bring all the energy of my intellect, emotion, nerves, to look at this movement of fear without any opposition or support, or denial?"