"Our activity is self-centred.

We are thinking about ourselves endlessly: how healthy we are, or unhealthy, that we must meditate, sit rightly, that we must make progress, we must change, we must have a better job, more money, better relationship - me and my - you follow?

The eternal circle, a vicious circle that is going on all the time.

Me sitting next to god - on the right hand side, of course! And me attaining enlightenment.

I must achieve in this life something or other.

We are always concerned and devoted to ourselves.

And again that is an obvious, daily fact.

And from that concern our activities, whether we go to the office, factory, whatever activity we do, social, concerned with the welfare of the world - it is always me and the world.

This self-concern does produce through its daily occupation, daily travail, daily relationship, an isolating process.

I think this again is fairly obvious.

And this isolation ends up, if one goes into it pretty deeply and thoroughly, into an awareness of loneliness, being completely alone, isolated, not having any relationship with anything, though you may be in a crowd, or sitting next to your friend.

Suddenly it comes upon you, this sense of isolation, this sense of completely being cut off from all relationship."