"One must have intelligence.

Intelligence is different from knowledge.

In knowledge there is ignorance.

Whereas intelligence is free from ignorance and therefore free from illusion, and it is not the result of accumulated knowledge.

The quality of intelligence comes when there is perception and action.

That is, perception and no interval between perception and action.

You see, act.

You see danger - like a precipice.

And the very perception is action, you move away instantly.

That is intelligence.

That is part of that intelligence.

You see a dangerous snake - and instant action.

That's fairly simple because there it is a physical response.

And the physical reaction is self-preservation, which is intelligence.

It is the unintelligent that sees the danger and pursues it.

Intelligence is the perception of that which is psychologically dangerous and acting instantly.

That is intelligence.

Psychologically it is dangerous to depend on another: for affection, for love, for comfort, for enlightenment, that is dangerous because you are not free.

And therefore the very perception of that danger and the acting of it is intelligence."