"Intelligence is denied when you are conforming to a pattern laid down by the gurus, by - it doesn't matter who - some idiotic person, or conforming, imitating, following.

Therefore there is the ideal and the action which is different from the ideal, or conforming, or adjusting to the ideal - which is lack of perception, lack of seeing the actual movement of this.

And when there is perception, the ideal, imitation, conformity and following totally ends and that is intelligence.

It is only the neurotic that sees the danger and continues.

The neurotic, the stupid, the thoughtless, the man who just follows his own particular idiosyncrasy, pleasures, and gives it a rational meaning and so on.

So one must have this quality of intelligence.

Then with that intelligence is there a state, a movement or whatever you like to call it, which can solve all these innumerable conflicts and miseries?

The mind that is totally intelligent and that mind is enquiring."